Sunday, January 3, 2010

Taunted by the orange road cones...

The orange cones that road workers set along road sides, maybe its just me but I am drawn to them. It draws me in like a bug to a bug zapper!!! Its like telling a child they can not have a cookie but handing them a glass of cold milk and then leaving the room with a bowl full of warm chocolate chip cookies place directly in front of child's face. Its like a hundred orange No's and my mind says "Yes, Yes, Yes"... Surely, I am not the only one that fantasizes about taking out the little orange cones!?

The other day the thought crossed my mind but they were the barrels so I decided it was a no go. :)

By the looks of that one... I am not the only one.

.... and yes, when I am stuck in road construction (or any other time I find myself bored) I take random pictures of things.... this is how I amuse myself. ;)


  1. OMG it reminds me of every work trip to WV and western PA I've ever taken. The scene is always like are traveling on a 4-lane or 6 lane highway. Your directions tell you to turn left. However, the entire intersection to your left is excavated, unpaved, full of piles of gravel, and a maze of cones.

    What do you do? Depends on who owns the truck you're driving!

  2. I think I just added another thing to the bucket list!!! ;)