Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sleds and Snot Sickles

Last night my husband and I worked out in the wood shop until the wee hours of the night playing with our new toy...a wood craft rotary tool. It's so awesome. It's small like a marker easily gripped like a pencil and is very light weight. The speed is adjustable unlike my other adjustable Dremel that goes from fast to faster to fastest. This one actually has a low speed. I also love the diamond tip burrs that came with it. Wood Crafter now takes the place that Lowes once held in my heart. Sorry Lowes!

As we worked in the shop the wind blew and the snow fell. We kept sweeping off the deck and walk ways just for them to be recovered in an hour. I was so excited! Middle Tennessee gets snow but for a West Virginia girl its quite disappointing. My daughter would wake up in the mornings to find frost on the ground and be beaming from ear to ear with anticipation that school would be canceled. They cancel school here even if a light dusting is in the forcast! In her defense a heavy frost and a light dusting does look very similar. Poor child, she knows nothing of a good old fashion up to your elbows teeth rattling snot sickling snow... (that's my favorite kind of snow)!

So you could imagine our excitement when we woke to find this...

Even Sammy (our Husky mix) has been missing a good snow!

He's a pretty laid back dog... until it snows.

I love this picture.

EVEN Memaw got in on the action!

Snot sickles for EVERYONE!

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  1. Hi Leigh! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    We live in Georgia, so NADA, zilch, nothing! Enjoy all those fun "snow-filled" activities. I lived in WV for almost 10 years and the winter snows is one thing I definitely miss.