Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Rat Terrorist

Meteorologist say we may have an ice storm tonight. They are the same as politicians, I don't put a lot of faith in their words. I'm not easily stirred when it comes to weather but I may need to take some extra precautions this year seeing how we now have livestock.

This morning I went down to the barn. On my way out of the back gate Hannah (also know as The Terrorist) bolted on me. Hannah makes Marley (from the movie Marley and Me)look like Old Yeller! She embodies all the horrible gross annoying habits of Hooch (from Turner and Hooch) Marley and Beethoven rolled into one small teeny tiny pain in the butt holy terror.

I don't know what it is about that dog. She drives me nuts but... I love her despite the fact she runs around the neighborhood like a dog on coke. She chases the cats. She chases the chickens. She is nasty with my kids. You cant cut her nails with out sedating her. She has awful allergies in the spring summer AND fall that are almost unbearable to live with. She scoots around in circles on the living room rug for 20 minutes at a time trying to scratch "parts" that she otherwise just cant reach. Although it is quit hysterical to watch...its only so funny for so long, damn it! But like I said... I love the little stinker.

So anyways Hannah was my helper this morning. After the chickens had fresh food water and bedding, I thought that it may be best if I put them up until after the bad weather hits. With a little help from the Terrorist all the chickens were tucked "unneatly" into the house...

Marco- "I cant stand that bitch".

We have an injured Buck that has been grazing in the garden spot. He doesn't wander far and has been seen on the property almost everyday for a week now. I am a sucker for wild life. So I took a bucket of cracked corn down to the spring for him.

Hannah wasn't happy about having to leave the chicken coop because she found something fun to do....

Hannah- "Where'd he go!? Where'd he go!?" {heavy panting}

Hannah- "He was here a just a second ago"

Milo- "Neener, neener, neener"

Hannah- "I SEE YOU little kitty!"

Milo's thinking, "Man, I hate that bitch".

*Song: George Thorogood- Bad to the Bone

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