Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My naughty kitty

I love watching animals, not just my own pets but all animals, wild or domestic.

My naughty little barn cat insist on taunting my yard dogs. At first my little Milo liked to sunbath on the opposite side of the fence (so the dogs couldnt reach him). Then after the novelty of that wore off, he decided that it would really aggravate the dogs if he perched himself on top of the fence. He would just wait there for them to notice. As soon as my hot headed pups would start to bark, he simply jumps down and sits on the opposite side of the fence, snickering "missed me, missed me, now ya got to kiss me". A few days pass and that also begins to lose its appeal.

So Milo raises the stakes once again. Slipping under the gate and then sprinting across the yard to the adjacent gate while the dogs are hot in pursuit. He slides under the gate just in time to turn and chuckle to himself as my hot headed pups crash into the gate then roll backwards.

Its kind of funny but I can see that my Husky x(Sam), is getting smarter. He is waiting longer before he chases Milo, making sure he is completely in the yard before he pursues. I wonder who will win the game of cat and mouse... I will even go as far as to say, "who is the cat and who is the mouse"?

He really is a naughty kitty.

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