Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yesterday afternoon my chicks were almost completely out of food. I was very busy all day so they didn't get fresh feed until after dark. I had to unload the feed and fresh bedding then mix the grains and finally feed the animals all by the light of lanterns. I keep thinking about running electric down to the barn and it would be nice on certain occasions but truthfully the lanterns suit me just fine. I like the feel of the barn when it is lite up by lanterns at night, its the same feeling you get when you sit by a lit fire place. Even though I was freezing cold on the heart was warm and toasty!

Then . . . .
This morning we were up at the butt crack of dawn. The kids internal clocks are set on 4:45am...even on a sat!!! I wish the kids had a snooze button! I am kidding. I couldn't sleep in this morning any ways. I am so excited! Extremely excited! Too excited to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep! This morning we are going to Lowes!!!! Which is my most favorite store in the world... next to Rural King! I love Rural King it is like the Ross's of Tractor Supply. Wow I am kind of getting off track here.

 Anyways, I have to get the rest of the building material for the storage building. If you had to look at a partially finished building for as long as I have, you would be excited too! Plus, do you know what it means to have one of the building projects completed!? It means I can start on another project! I have a list of projects that will keep the men in my life busy for years!!!! Sha... I haven't told them about those yet, though. I like to start new projects because I like to keep my neighbors on their toes. It drives them nuts with wondering what we are up to.

Off to GIT ER' DONE!

Enjoy the weekend.

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