Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just call me "Detective"

I knew something was up when Milo (the barn cat) wanted to move in with the chickens....

Evidence A.

Milo about to walk down the chicken plank.

Milo eating out of the chicken feeder. Is Milo confused? Does he believe he is a chicken? Identity Crisis...perhaps?

I thought Milo's move was encouraged because another cat wanted to move in and be the barn cat. Then she moved out of the barn also (unfortunately she now is living in the garage). Is there a ghost in the barn scaring my barn cats?

Months ago, after 2 of our chickens were pulled through the chicken wire (piece by piece), we notice raw spots on the ground, where the dirt had been freshly scratched. The chicken deaths were consistent with a raccoon. The raccoon we later caught. Could it be another raccoon?

Evidence B.

This is about a day old. We have noticed fresh scratch marks during the day. This is not consistent with a cat scaring ghost or a raccoon. Still possibly a wood chuck?

What ever it is can get the lid off the cat food container but can not seem to figure out how to dump it over. Raccoons are smart, very smart. They can use their "hands" in ways other animals can not. This is not consistent with a raccoon. Possibly wood chuck. A ghost could definitely dump the cat food container!

Evidence C.

There is also five entrances (holes) under the tack room floor. This is consistent with a wood chuck. Wood chucks should be hibernating by now. Could climate change effect their hibernation time?

Evidence D.

Then there are the animal tracks. To the untrained eye one could say it is indeed a raccoon but to me the detective say they are not of the size consistency of a raccoon or a wood chuck! Ghost do not leave foot prints.

Evidence E.

One- All evidence leads me to believe its not a ghost.
Two- Milo is not confused that he is a chicken, all signs point to fear of whatever is in the barn.
Three- I am a detective but not Sherlock Holmes.
Four- We are getting a night vision camera for the barn.


  1. Hilarious. Let us know what it is!

    (Perhaps an opossum? Do ya'll have those?)

  2. Yep we sure do! Thats what I thought too but the foot prints arent consistant with an opossum. We are going to try to catch it in a live trap... we just have to figure out how to keep from trapping the cats. I cant wait to get the night vision camera! My curiosity is eating me alive!!!