Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Matters of the Heart

Your sweet kisses on my brow,
have me feeling now.

My chest rises and falls for the love of you.
Familiar is fate,
but desire . . .deep . . .true.

Your gentle breath leaves dew on my lips,
as you run your fingers along my hips.

Just . . dont say it now.
I am feeling it some how.

Your chest rises and falls with the beat of my heart.
Centers touch,
gravity lifts apart.

The tingle on your skin
starts to blend.

Sha. . .the sounds we hear.
The bitter sweet end is near.

I glide my hand across your chin,
as we dance this dance again.

Tears whisk across my face,
I let go of our last embrace.

So, I kiss you, the last ounce of my heart.
Not a word is whispered,
Sweet placid silence,
Our wasted bodies shift apart.


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