Thursday, November 5, 2009

He slips

He slips out the back,
trying to find his way in.
He jumps over the hands that were ment to hold him up.

Searching for his place
where his soul is found.

The grass waves and coils against his face,
as he barries his heart in the ground.

The golden leaves tremble as he waits alone.
Little does he know she also waits,
With tiny dimonds spread across her face.
Prayers boardcast the sky.

As the suspicion starts to blow
She bows down to hide.

He runs through the fields
The wind tangles him in leaves and mud.
Screams to heaven "enough".

The branches sway
crackling through the breeze.

He ancitpates the crashing of his knees.
"Dont leave me", sissy pleads

and she runs,
She runs. She runs to him. She runs.

Eyes are empty as his grave.
We wait,
while little red rubbies drip down his face.
waiting for him,
waiting to find his place.

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