Monday, July 30, 2012

Looking for the Crack in the Pavement.

We have all seen the pictures of the dandelion growing along the crack of a sidewalk in a bustling inner city?  The picture of a dandelion growing in the pavement is a metaphorical symbol of hope...

So  you see why this stings a bit?

God,  Its not roses that I am asking for... just a dandelion... 

* Listening to James Vincent McMorrow, Higher Love


  1. le-suspect that you would find that bouquay of dandlelions on the front seat of that "old" ford truck you used to so badly want. Never let go of your dreams--------

  2. lei-whatever happened to all of your animals at the farm?

  3. Talking about the animals isn't something that is going to help me during these difficult times but Jim for your own piece of mind, the goats went to a good home, the chickens my parents wanted and are raising as their own. My dogs and cat are also residing at their residence until we can get moved into a permanent residence. Yes, a year and a half later there is still a lot in limbo.

  4. sorry leigh-didn't mean to touch a nerve-didn't know you were having difficult times just happy times-"God never dealt you a hand you couldn't play" so all will work out just as the master plan says it will. Again sorry i went there-