Friday, January 21, 2011

Some things never change...

This morning the moon accompanied me as I did my morning chores...

 As I walked to the barn I kept my eye on the moon. In my world of uncertainty I found comfort in knowing that no matter what, the moon will remain in the sky and the ground beneath my feet....

My peaceful morning walk was met by the brisk morning air. The glowing moon shimmered across the snowy ground, leading me to my four legged friends.

Milo, the barn cat circled between my feet while my dairy goats, Jasmine and Jessica called for me to hurry with their morning grain.

I took in a deep breath. Just as I was about to exhale the stresses from my life, suddenly I wondered, "What is that smell?"

And then I made a frightful discovery...

This is the third time I have had broken eggs in my pocket...

And so.... though at times I find comfort in the things that will forever remain steadfast...
I am still annoyed by the things that I have yet to change.


  1. Lol...I can honestly say I havent never had that happen..thats too funny! I'm sure it was kinda stinky...good thing you didnt put your hand down in your pocket to find it that way ; )

  2. They say, "Don't sweat the small stuff". But sometimes I find, it can be the little things that keep popping up all the time that can really tick you off! I try not to hold myself to strict guidelines that are hard to live up to. But it's hard. I hope you have a better day tomorrow!!

  3. That's why they make baskets, you know!

  4. no better certainty than the uncertainty of the farm life

  5. Every time I put eggs in my pocket, a little voice in my head says "Not a good idea, you're going to forget them and you know what happens". But do I ever listen to that little voice....???? Nope!

  6. LOL Leigh! You aren't kidding.... somethings that never change I would, so very much, LIKE to change, but yes, I too take comfort in those that are as they should be, and which remain a steady, in this world! Nice morning chuckle!

  7. I can almost smell it Leigh!!!

    The big questions is, how do these eggs keep finding the way into your pockets??? :)

  8. tberry,
    Really!? Has never happened? :)

    Thanks Karen. :) I think I just need a vacation.... to Montana. :)

    Now if I put my eggs in a basket I wouldn't have anything to complain about! :)

    The Grinper,
    HAHA!"No better certainty like the uncertainty of farm life" <- I like that, made me smile!

    I hear that same voice too except it soon becomes tuned out by another voice inside telling me not to do something else completely different and then that voice is tuned out by another telling me not to do something else and so one... it really is a vicious cycle.... I just ignore all of them. I like to think that it is just really strong optimism verse stupidity though. ;-)

    Glad you sympathized...pfff the ironies of life. :)

    I confess, it was I that collected eggs and put them in my pockets... except by the time I got back to the house I forgot about them and it had been a while since I had wore that particular jacket... this was a good learning experience as I do now intend to check all pockets before I pack winter Jackets away in the spring. :P

    You all should know, you NEVER put ALL your eggs in one basket!! lol

  10. I love the moon picture!

    And oh, the thought of the smell of a rotten egg is enough to make me sick. We had a year when the chickens laid eggs on the top of a stack of hay. One day when I pulled down a top bale I had rotten eggs rain down on me... not funny at the time, but definately makes me chuckle (and gag a little) now.

  11. You write really nicely Leigh, quite poignant! Nice work :)

  12. LOL! A beautiful post with a suprise ending. I don't know how many times I've broke eggs in my pockets, it really is easy to forget they are there!

  13. I'm with Sandy...I pop them in my pocket and go blissfully on my way. Trouble is, the older I get the more forgetful I become LOL...All the best Leigh...J

  14. I try not to put them in my pocket. As tempting as it is, it's not worth the sticky, stinky possible mess! I've put them in a wool hat before, though.