Monday, May 7, 2012

The Reintroduction Introduction!!!

In my creepy sing-songy voice... "I'M BACK"!

So much has happened in the last few months. My life is entirely different now. I felt like my new life wouldn't fit with my old blog. So I had even attempted to start a new one. It wasn't the same for me. The passion and the love that I felt for Come by Chance doesn't compare to anything else I try to write. Come by Chance isn't just a blog for me and its not just my own work of art. It's my expression of who I am.

HOW LUCKY AM I!? Most people search their whole life looking for the heart of who they are. My spirit has been to hell and back. But I have discovered that I am the same me no matter where I go, what I do, who I laugh with, what I cry about. My life is everything that embodies Comes by Chance. And so.... I am here to tell you that I AM BACK with a world of changes nipping at my feet.

Those of you who still check in, Thank you for your loyalty. I am going to do better about consistently  writing... because well... I AM BACK!

My first blog post being back, there will be a few changes... I have a few new characters that have been added to our lives. I remarried a few months ago and now it seems that we have a family that is steadily growing. {Wink wink}

Another upcoming change, I have decided to blog with our real names verses nick names. Perhaps I have been desensitized by frequent internet use (marketing, networking and blogging) But I have rationalized my decision by the fact that we meet strangers every day in real life which logically should be more dangerous, right!? There are many of you that I have met via blog that have become my true and dear life long friends. So this way it will be easier for my new readers to remember all of our names when we become best friends!

The pictures I have posted on my side bar will gradually start to change. I no longer live on the farm. Although I miss the farm so much that it hurts at times, this only means that there must be another one in my future, right!?, now lets not get a head of ourselves! Its not going to be anytime soon! BUT what we will be doing while we are currently living the good life in a townhouse, is, well...we will be living the good life in a townhouse! I have already started on our potted garden and I am very excited already by its growth. I will post pictures soon.

I am still fishing, hiking, camping, and playing in the mud when I can. So... some things will just never change....{{Sigh}}

I am  so excited and looking forward to reintroducing you to our lives...

Crap, I just cant wait for another blog post! So without farther adieu...

Our Reintroduction introduction

Welcome to our new lives as an average blended American military family! Follow along as we lasso life by the horns and attempt urban homesteading under extreme conditions (small space, rough climates and constant uprooting). Peek in as I attempt to maintain the social and academic lives of two small children (soon to be 3) while learning the ropes to this whole military life. And by all means watch with us as our townhouse garden grows!!!

This our beautiful and artistic 8 year old daughter Alexandria,

 The handsome and ever so charming 4 year old son named Aubrey,
Both kids are so different with their talents and quirks. They add quite a bit of flavor to our lives! I cant wait to meet our third. No telling what we will be in for!

 Last but not least... I am proud to introduce you to my hero...

 My husband Juan is an Infantry Staff Sergeant in the US Military. But he is my hero for completely different reasons beyond the metals that are pinned to his chest. Quite honestly, there are many reasons I adore my husband, of course I would, that's why I married him! But what makes this man so special... his strongest quality is one of  the most rarest found. He is promise keeper. When he says he is going to do something, he does it. Whether its take out the trash, pass a class or fix something that has me fretting. He is a man of honor, a man of his word and the man I very quickly  fell in love with.

I look forward to sharing our lives with all of you! Thank you for reading.


  1. So happy to see YOU happy! Beyond words happy!

    : )

  2. Thank you Andrea! I am so glad to be back. BEYOND WORDS AS WELL! I have missed it!

  3. Oh my goodness! I am THRILLED. I, too, felt like the other blog just wasn't the heart of you. I would prefer to see you change this one to fit your new life, than to start a new one. Glad you feel the same. Now I get to add you back to my blog listing! Hurray!!!

  4. I hurt for you when you were hurting, but of course there was nothing we blogger types could do except lend an ear on those rare occasions when you shared a thought and pray for you in between. You and your new husband and family have my best wishes and your husband has my appreciation and respect for his service. May God bless you all.

  5. Welcome back! I am glad you are in a good place with good people.

  6. Well congrats on all the new changes! We too have had a wild and crazy past year and are looking forward the the many changes to come. And I applaud you for figuring out that you are YOU, no matter your circumstances! In all seriousness about the only thing that is the same in our lives as of this time last year, is that the three of us are still a family, close and in love. NOTHING else is the same, but it's ok because we've learned and are learning to "Shine On" (thanks May Erlewine). God bless you and your family!!

  7. Glad to see you back! Sad that you are no longer on the farm, but I'm looking forward to your homesteading adventures in a new locale!

  8. Thank you all for your support!!! I appreciate it so much. I am so happy to be.... home. :)

  9. leigh-follow your dreams, can still picture you on an old tractor, with and old ford pickup gathering eggs, and planting gardens. congrats on your new life--wow-

  10. Leigh, it simply feels good to hear that your life has taken a course that makes you happy again, and it´s great to have you back.

    And I am with Jim and the others: Follow your dreams... and maybe there will be another farm, another time, and since it´s a new life altogether, that might even be realistic!;-)

    My best wishes go to you.

  11. Welcome back! I'm a little late in my welcome, but, I "come by chance" onto the blogs these days and only just noticed your latest post on my bog's very happy for you, and very happy for US -- those of us who enjoy your writing, and your sharing!

  12. I'm a former "Army Brat" and a Veteran (having enlisted when I was in my 20s). The military life is wonderful and terrifying and exciting and exhausting. You'll find amazing friends, and there's a lot of support. I wouldn't go back, but I had some of the most amazing experiences in my life as a military dependent and a soldier.

    I'm so glad to see you back here, writing and happy ... and I'll be thrilled to learn more about your "tiny - mobile - homestead" :). As one who has watched my suburban quarter acre grow from a typical "yard" to an actual farm, I can say with complete assurance that a small holding doesn't mean you can't do anything at all. There are a lot of wonderful options for self-sufficiency in small spaces.

    I look forward to sharing your adventures and wish you abundance and fortune ;).